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Quality Assurance, Quantity Assurance, and Customers Satisfaction: The Adepa Promise.

We understand the anxiety when it comes to doing international business. The uncertainties become even more when doing business with people who are not facially known “faceless business partner” Adepa Products intends to assure customers a peace of mind when doing business with our company.

Adepa Products therefore recommends that before customers send initial payment a pre-order product inspection be conducted to confirm that the quality and the quantity meet the customer’s expectations. There are internationally certified products inspectors who can act in the interest of the customer. For your convenience, Adepa Products has provided some of the pre-shipment inspectors (see below).

Even more, Adepa Products will reimburse up to half of the pre-order inspection fees, if the customer confirms the order.

Your satisfaction is our business. We are here to serve and satisfy customers.

Pre-Shipment Inspectors

1) SGS
+41 22 739 91 11

2) SGS -Ghana
+233 30 277 3994

3) Intertek
+1 800 967 5352

+1 888 264 8988